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We roast our coffees
How many cafes roast their own coffees? We are one, and we roast in small batches, regularly. This is to meet the demand of the cafe and customers, without over-stocking leading to flavour loss. We roast coffee under our specialty coffee and tea arm - Parchmen and Co.
We have two espresso blends to cater to different taste preference. The Fair Lady is a fruity blend to highlight the fruity notes of coffee and to change impression that coffee, being a fruit, will be, fruity, with fruit acids. It consist of 50% Ethiopia Sidama fully washed and 50% Myanmar Pha Yar Ghi Gone naturals. The Horny Boy, catering to the popular taste of nuts and roastiness, is a straight forward morning coffee, consisting of 75% Guatemala Finca Santa Ana fully washed and 25% Rwanda Musasa Nkara just to add a tinge of apples.
We have a full list of single origins, usually about 8, of which there are some interesting Myanmar beans and even a China Yunnan Catimor. Come try them out, for a democratic price of $2 for 150 ml, brewed on the AeroPress by certified baristas and if you are lucky, the national AeroPress champion for 2017. 



2nd Runner Up, Tea Pairing, for International Tea Masters Cup 2017

Silver Medalist for Australian International Coffee Competition 2017

Home of Champion of Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017 - Tea Brewing

Home of Champion of Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017 - Tea Pairing

Authorised Certifier, Specialty Coffee Association, since 2011

Certified Tea Master, Australian Tea Master, since 2017

Best Bistro/Cafe, Weekender Foodmania Award 2016

Not just espresso​ | Ice drip coffee and tea
Not machine brewed but
brewed with hand

Beside machine brewed espresso coffees, we have been serving hand brewed coffees using V60, aeropress and French press coffees since 2013. The flavours are vastly different from the usual milk coffee, because in this, you taste finer notes, and at greater intensity. It can perk u up more than your usual milk coffee, as it contains more caffeine.

Today, we offer a new and sexy concept in the world of flavours – coffee and tea brewed with ice and water, without any involvement of heat.  We brew using My Dutch - a Korean cold brewing equipment which we are distributing. For coffee, it presents a winey or whiskey-like flavour, heavy body with a sprupy mouthfeel, sweet flavours which allows the flavour profile to be more pronounced and a fruity acidity that wakes up the tongue. For tea, the flavours are clean, crisp and clear, while presenting an elegant subtlety that invites and calms you. While you brew a big jar, any unfinished coffee or tea can be kept chilled in the fridge to allow further flavour development for the next day. We find the flavours peak on the second day and it can sustain for another two more days. My Dutch comes in 2 models - the 330 ml or the 550 ml. It takes about 1 hour to brew 100 ml.

At our cafe, you could take away  the MyDutch in a small aluminium can of 3 oz. This is sufficient for 2 small glass servings which will perk you up for the entire day.

tea. whole leaves.​
Quality  infusions

Tea is another of our passion. We are the national champion for tea brewing and tea pairing in 2017. We were third in the world of tea pairing when represented Singapore to take part in the world championships in China in 2017.


Tea brewing need not be a stifling exercise involving boring ceremonies, or done in a big pot which you hope could last for hours while you borrow space at a cafe. Good tea allows more than one brew with quality flavours, without exhibiting over-extracted bitterness or diluted taste. A good tasting tea is brewed in a small pot, with the leaves epanding freely to release its latent flavours, and with a filter, preferably non-metal, separating the leaves from the brewed tea after a specific timing of usually 15-60 seconds. Hot water is added again for subsequent quality brews.

We offer a variety of teas - white, green, black, pu'er and herbal. 

Roasted beans
Winged Tulip
Rose Latte Art
Swan with Double Wing
Glowing Tea
Tea Buds
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