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One of the few cafes which bakes in-house



bake. skills.​
We bake   our bread
We bake. Because we believe in offering our clients a loaf of our sincerity. And because it is an in-house capability, we can afford to bake in small batches, and on demand - just like our coffee beans - so that the breads stay fresh and nutritious. And best of all, it is cheaper for us to bake, and that's why our breads will cost lesser than other places which outsource their breads.
We offer a range of traditional bakes to our own creations. They are available in full loaves, in slices or in baskets (we call them 'Bread Vase' as we serve the bread in a vase). Charcoal flavour, though cliche, is a fav of our customers. What about herbs and chili bread? Floral bread, anyone?
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All spreads for our breads are made in house. We have classic spreads like garlic butter and aioli (garlic and olive). If you are in an adventurous mood, try our savoury bacon jam. Sometimes, a little saltiness highlights the sweetness. 
Clients have been asking us to sell the bacon jams in jars. Should we?
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